Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age to start?

When the child can sit quietly for 30 minutes and listen to instructions without getting fidgety he/she is ready. Five, six or seven years old.

How long does it take for my child to play nicely?

Every student has his/her potential. The instructions are designed to meet the needs of the student and to respect his/her pace of progress.

Does the student need to practice?

The student has to practice five to six days a week. In the beginning 10 to 15 minutes a day will be enough. As the level becomes more advanced the amount of practice time must be increased accordingly.

What is the parents' responsibility?

In addition to driving the child to the lesson and paying the tuition, parental involvement is recommended. Parents are not expected to have musical education. However, they should show interest in their child's progress and encourage him/her. They are most welcome to attend piano lessons, but they must not interfere. Also, some parents who have some musical background try, with very good intentions, to help their child by making him/her play extra pages. That is not a good idea. Most of the time the parentsí instructions are unfortunately wrong and the child has to unlearn them.

How are piano lessons structured?

Lessons cover roughly three areas.

  • How to play
    • beginner/elementary: learning the basics, keyboard geography, hand position, posture, reading notes, counting beats, playing short melodies, etc.
    • intermediate/advanced: phrasing, pedaling, tone balance, overall impression, etc.
  • Theory

    What is theory? It is the grammar of music. As languages rest on grammar rules so does music. A student who knows theory will have a better understanding of the music. He/she will read and memorize better. Theory is essential for good musicianship.

  • Technique

    What is technique? It is exercise for the fingers. In order to get good fingers, develop dexterity, agility, one has to practice technical exercises.

Where do I buy books?

Books may be purchased by the instructor. The total fee will show on a yellow note attached to the books. Parents are expected to pay for them at the next lesson.